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Certificate in Management Information System


Management Information System at BlueCrest Most businesses constantly collect a large amount of data, but this data is meaningless in its raw form. This is where data analytics comes into play. The process of analyzing raw data to derive meaningful, actionable insights that can then be used to inform and drive smart business decisions is known as data analytics.

Our MIS course focuses on introducing the core concepts of management information systems. It includes an overview of the dimensions of information systems, databases and information management, and including a detailed summary and visualization of data using power BI.

In this course, you will learn how information is generated, how it is retained, maintaining data integrity, manipulation of information to produce management reporting information and statistics. The important aspect of decision support and how computer technology is utilized for analysing and interpreting information.

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The programs will help applicants understand the information and the tasks needed to manage organizations efficiently and effectively. After earning the title of MIS Executive, Students will understand handling and analyse large volumes of data from several sources. They will also grasp a fast and effective way of corresponding required, for making business decisions and planning strategies.


  • Working Smart with Microsoft Office & the internet

  • Advanced Excels Tools and Techniques for Analysing Data

  • RDBMS Essentials & T-SQL Programming

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