At BlueCrest institution we embed in our DNA a combined sense of purpose and discovery, inspiring our students to make a difference in the workplace

The BlueCrest Way

BlueCrest, a technologically advanced university, makes sure that technology is highly valued and given priority in all areas of the program. BlueCrest aims to graduate students who are expansive, creative thinkers, and most importantly, capable enough to compete in the global marketplace. Because the institution favours fostering job creators rather than job seekers, our educational philosophies centre on leadership, innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. The ultimate goal is to graduate students who can generate an increasing number of jobs to make Liberia independent and powerful.

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To be a preferred centre of excellence in education, talent development and innovation responsive to the individual, institutional and social development needs of the people of Republic of Liberia in particular and West Africa in general.


To incorporate in a self-sustainable approach, the use of new-age technology, learning processes, global alliances and an exemplary governance culture to enhance the delivery of value to student community, industry and other stakeholders.

History of BlueCrest

BlueCrest was conceived as an higher education institute for making Information Technology (IT) as the pivot of integrated higher educational excellence. It was acknowledged and observed that resources can be made more affordable, accessible and available through IT support systems. This can be possible only if Information Technology is absorbed as a powerful learning tool for making social and business aspects prospective and established.

Information Technology by the late 1990's had evolved as a domain to integrate different learning portfolios and had world wide relevance. Liberia, was observed as a country blessed with resources, but had to deliver purposeful results. The growth of a country progresses only if there are valuable support systems delivered. Information Technology was recognised as the benchmark to make progress as a reality, by all means.

This was found to be possible, only if Information Technology is made to evolve as an appreciated learning platform by the citizens of Liberia. in the year 2013, Information Technology at BlueCrest was conceptualized as a mission to make higher education vivid and explicit. The Government of the Republic of Liberia provided all necessary support to formalize BlueCrest's presence in Liberia.

In April 2014, the Ministry of Education under the government of Republic of Liberia awarded the letter of accreditation to BlueCrest as an International I.T. Institute, to operationalize vocational courses. While the country struggled against deadly EBOLA virus outbreak in 2014, BlueCrest persevered and continued to operate and provided the government with all much needed support.

As the country recovered from the scourge of Ebola in early 2015, BlueCrest was firmly positioned to help rebuild the nation through its capacity building programs for the Liberian youth. To express governmental support, several dignitaries from the Liberian Government visited the campus regularly and appreciated and acknowledged BlueCrest from time to time. BlueCrest status was found to be of international standards, for further ratings.

In 2015, National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) granted a Permanent Permit to BlueCrest to offer Undergraduate Degrees - Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSC IT) and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). This was possible only after a successful due diligence was conducted by the Ministry of Education and NCHE. BlueCrest then grew and progressed and made sure that "Quality" will always be the benchmark for success and sustainability.

In November 2023, BlueCrest was elevated and accredited to offer Master’s Program in Information Technology (MSc IT)

Apart from Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs as mentioned above , BlueCrest at Liberia is already an established name in Liberia for offering professional certification programs. BlueCrest has been offering Diploma and Certificate Courses in advanced Information Technology programs like - Software Engineering, Networking, Big Data Analysis, Data Science, Cyber Security, Project Management, Digital Marketing and other Professional courses in Fashion and Design, Management etc.

BlueCrest as an higher education learning platform has been patronized by students, professionals and employers since inception. It has already become the first choice for Information Technology and Professional education and training in Liberia

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Message From
The Chairman

Deciding to study at Bluecrest Institution is a wise choice for the youngsters in Republic of Liberia. We strive to nurture young minds and bring out the best in them. We offer industry-relevant programs with a competent faculty that aims to enhance their employability in an ever-changing dynamic job market. We are considered one of best Information Technology, Business, Journalism & Design Schools in the heart of Accra. Our location in the city makes us an ideal choice as a city centric education provider. We are a motivated, progressive and innovative institution that has now expanded to city centers in Ghana & Sierra Leone as well.

Message From
The Rector

Heritage of a country rests on the values evolved through understanding, learning and education. The heritage is a fact of representative feelings and emotions. When we open up our heart, the feelings and emotions gets integrated with local pursuits, regional perspectives, national challenges and global pursuits. Thoughts become explicit and vivid only when higher education showcase the realm of established success. BlueCrest Liberia has been in the forefront in making learning as an enterprising instinct and also in evolving an individual’s livelihood elevated.

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Bluecrest  Institution accreditation

Ministry of Education (MoE) is Liberia’s official governing body to award, review and facilitate accreditation of institutions in the country and is responsible to oversee all aspects of technical and vocational education and training. BlueCrest University College has been accredited to offer vocational and skill-based programmes for students in various IT and management related domains.

Bluecrest  Institution accreditation

National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) is Liberia's official governing body to award, review and facilitate accreditation of private and public tertiary institutions in the country. It has accredited BlueCrest University College to provide tertiary education programmes in various subjects.


Bluecrest  Institution affiliations

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) is a professional organization and the world's largest technical professional association. BlueCrest University College started the Liberia Subsection of the IEEE Chapter and has been a member of it since 2018.

Bluecrest  Institution affiliations

The International Association of Universities, created under the auspices of UNESCO in 1950, is a membership-based organisation serving the global higher education community through: expertise & trends analysis, publications & portals, advisory services, peer-to-peer learning, events, global advocacy. BlueCrest Liberia is a member of this global forum for leaders of institutions and associations.


We at BCC welcome CVs from academics in all the areas of Business, Management, IT, Fashion, and Design. We prefer doctoral level qualifications. Interviews are conducted regularly. Please submit your detailed CV along with a letter of interest/motivation to career@bluecrest.edu.lr We have attractive salaries and benefits to offer. Feel free to write to the HR office for more details.

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Careers & Professional Development

Partnerships and Collaborations

Bluecrest  Institution accreditation

MyAREA is an app powered, ride-share, taxi service provider that connects riders to drivers in realtime in Liberia. BlueCrest Liberia have signed an MoU with MyArea Inc. for providing training environment in Liberia, utilizing leading edge,advanced concepts in the domain of IT as well as to facilitate internships for the graduates.

Bluecrest  Institution accreditation

BlueCrest Liberia signed up MoU with Coursera for providing learners access to various program through “Coursera through Campus response program” during the pandemic

Bluecrest  Institution affiliations

BlueCrest Liberia signed an MoU with Benchmark Education LLP to become an affiliate Partner to certify Outcome based Courses provided by the training Organisations.

Bluecrest  Institution affiliations

BlueCrest Liberia and KPPM College of Teacher Education entered into an MoU for deriving mutual collaboration and interaction for organizing various conferences, Seminars, workshops and Webinars for education and teaching skills as well as character development of students.

Bluecrest  Institution affiliations

BlueCrest Liberia signed an MoU with EDC in collaboration with USAID for the project Pathway 3 which facilitates the youth to become job ready and develop entrepreneurial skills for bringing their business ideas to reality.