Honors Diploma in Information Technology (Software)

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Honors Diploma in Information Technology (Software)


Software development is the process of creating a collection of programs, systems, or applications using various software tools and techniques. In this context, the term software refers to computer software. Software development is an essential component of any organization and is critical to the overall success of any business. Software developers ensure that companies can efficiently use their technology to run their business processes and make it easier for users to use by maintaining existing software and developing new applications.

The Honors Diploma in Information Technology Software Engineering program is aimed at creating software engineering professionals with the core knowledge in software development and web development as well. As the current industry demands more web application developers the course is designed to provide the necessary skills for both software and web app development. Students learn the basics of programming languages using python and become fluent in writing other programming languages such as JavaScript, Java, JSP and others.

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  • Working Smart with Microsoft Office & the Internet

  • Logic Building and Effective Problem Solving

  • RDBMS Essentials & T-SQL Programming

  • Advance Excel Tools and Techniques for Analyzing Data

  • Programming in Java

  • HTML5 Programming

  • Developing Web Applications Using Servlets & JSP

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