Dr. Tarkeshwar Barua

Dr. Tarkeshwar Barua

Department of Information Technology

Key Takeaways for a Student

Students will develop relevant programming abilities and demonstrate proficiency with statistical analysis of data. As per the industry demand improve the ability to build and assess data-based models and execute statistical analyses with professional statistical software. Finally upskilling to demonstrate skill in data management and apply data science concepts and methods to solve problems in real-world contexts and will communicate these solutions effectively


PhD - Computer Science

Academic Experience:

Asst Professor 2018 (Oct) – 2021(Oct), BlueCrest University, Liberia

Industry Experience:

Java, Python, R, Machine Learning, Deeplearning

Awards / Accolades:

Best Trainer From DBS Bank Great Learning, KnowledgeHut and Barclays Bank

Specific Subjects - Being taught:

Programming using C++, Programming using Java, HTML5 and CSS, Python, Relational Database, C# programming.

Established / Outstanding Research / Projects Undertaken:

https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=en&as_sdt=0%2C5&q= Tarkeshwar+Barua&btnG=