Certificate in Relational Database Management System
Essentials & T-SQL Programming

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Certificate in Relational Database Management System Essentials & T-SQL Programming


The program introduces the learner to the databases, explains the processes of designing and implementing databases. Further, it also explains how to manage a database server.The age of information has created a strong need for organizations to process and store large amounts of business critical data.

To introduce the best possible practices, companies are quick to introduce software that facilitates data storage and retrieval across all applications and networks employed by the organization. The Microsoft SQL Server is a popular relational database management system in the market. Participants with relevant Microsoft SQL certification credentials are in great demand across sectors.

This course offers students an opportunity to understand how to both administer and maintain SQL databases. The course equips students with the knowledge and skills to maximize the information extracted from SQL Server databases, making it an ideal undertaking for individuals able to develop applications.

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  • Create an entity-relationship model

  • Map an entity-relationship diagram to tables

  • Normalize and denormalize data in tables

  • Identify the SQL Server tools

  • Retrieve data

  • Use functions to customize the result set

  • Summarize and group data

  • Query data by using joins ,subqueries

  • Manage result sets ,databases and tables

  • Manipulate data by using DML statements

  • Create and manage indexes

  • Create and manage views

  • Implement a full-text search, batches ,stored procedures

  • Implement functions ,triggers ,transactions

  • Monitor and optimize performance

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