IT Fundamentals
and Basic Office Tools

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IT Fundamentals and Basic Office Tools


This program helps the student understand the basics of Information Technology and how a computer works. It provides basic understanding of Computer Softare and Hardware along with MS - Office Tools. In today's business environment, it is critical for individuals and teams to have a proper foundation of IT Fundamentals. And BlueCrest’s IT Fundamentals certification training is ideal for professionals to gain the practical experience you'll need. Having an IT Fundamentals credential displays your ability to work in a digital world, from networking and cybersecurity to hardware and software foundations. Test objectives for the IT Fundamentals and basic office will be reinforced through a deeper comprehension of the subject content.

This course covers basics of Fundamentals in IT, Software and Networking fundamentals, as well as hardware and software principles, in order to prepare you for the digital workplace.

To assist you advance in the field of information technology, the IT Fundamentals and basic office certification was created for beginners. This course can also lead to more advanced certifications like CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security+, depending on your level of experience.

There are no prerequisites required to take up this IT Fundamentals and basic office certification training. Anybody and everybody can take up this training without any prior IT experience

In order to have a better understanding of the field of information technology, the IT Fundamentals certification was created by BlueCrest. If you're thinking about a career in IT or if you work in an allied industry that demands a thorough knowledge of IT, this course is for you. In order to assess whether or not a career in information technology is suited for them, this course is the only pre-career certification available.

Identifying and explaining the basics of computers, software development, IT infrastructure, and database use are all part of the new IT Fundamentals test objectives. BlueCrest’s quality and standards are indicated by the inclusion of the ITF+ in this new version. Non-technical professionals can now have a deeper understanding of IT thanks to the certification, which is the only one of its kind. The Course focuses on basic IT skills and knowledge required to perform jobs typically performed by entry-level IT professionals such as:

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If you're thinking about a career in information technology but aren't sure whether it's suited for you, it is the only certification you need. Only the IT Fundamentals certification covers all aspects of IT foundations, making it perfect for non-technical individuals.

  • Practicing safe and secure web browsing habits.

  • Setting up a network with the use of standard operating systems' capabilities and services.

  • Learn how to set up and configure software, as well as network connectivity security and basic troubleshooting, in this course.

  • File organization, programme installation, Wi-Fi connectivity and troubleshooting, and general device configuration and troubleshooting will all be covered.

  • MS-Office Tools for useIdentify application areas of IT

  • Explore various components of a computer

  • Explore Windows operating system

  • Work effectively on the computer

  • Explore the usage of Internet

  • Troubleshoot PC and its peripherals

  • Classify network architecture and topologies

  • Identify resources used to connect a network

  • Secure your system and mobile devices

  • Use the Microsoft Office Application Suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

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